Daily Archives: April 8, 2017

CUNY! Join us at the March for Science NYC!

Since the 2016 US Presidential election, scientists have become deeply concerned for the preservation and future of rigorous, transparent, publicly-funded research for an equitable, just, and sustainable society. We recognize that legislation, policies, and programs differently and disproportionately affect scientists and science beneficiaries with marginalized identities. Conscientious attention to the conduct and application of research is imperative to addressing how science — the systematic study and application of observation and experimentation to build a body of knowledge — affects all people, the natural world, and the pursuit of knowledge. CUNY Women in STEM invites all New Yorkers who are concerned about these issues and value science to the March for Science NYC on April 22nd, 2017.

CUNY Women in STEM is committed to highlighting, standing in solidarity with, and acting in allyship as and with marginalized people and people with intersecting identities. We encourage individuals regardless of age, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, (dis)ability, education level, and/or socioeconomic status to join us in defending and advocating for public science for the public good. Just as the thousands of people around the world who are excited to march for science make up a diverse tapestry, New York City includes people who value, pursue and engage in the scientific endeavor.

We are marching to make science accessible to everyone. We advocate for individuals of all backgrounds to pursue education and careers in science; a diverse group of scientists broadens, strengthens, and enriches scientific inquiry, and therefore, our understanding of the world. Moreover, we recognize that the application of scientific research, evidence-based policies, and public data affects all of us, but can and has disproportionately disadvantaged people who are already marginalized.

The March for Science NYC is one opportunity within a cascade of mobilizations (such as the Women’s March  on January 21st,  and the upcoming May Day actions) for people to express their concerns and priorities to those who purport to represent us. The March for Science NYC is an open invitation for people to publicly resist a socio-political system that privileges some perspectives and marginalizes other voices. We see the March for Science as one way to apply sustained and consistent pressure on decision-makers to respond to the people. CUNY Women in STEM, supported by the Doctoral Students’ Council and the University Student Senate, invites CUNY students, especially those with intersecting identities and disciplines to join us at the March for Science NYC.

Help us promote the March for Science NYC by posting stickers, or through social media channels such as FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Tumbler,  using #M4SNYC.