CUNY Women in STEM supports the March for Science NYC

In response to increasing anti-science rhetoric, President Trump’s denial of empirical facts, and this administration’s severe actions to undercut scientific research, CUNY Women in STEM endorses the March for Science NYC.

The March for Science has inspired cities across the country, indeed around the world, to rally for scientific principles. CUNY Women in STEM  is working with organizers of the NYC march to invite the scientific community and all those who benefit from science to come out on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017.

We should also be wary of defending science when it is imagined to be the province solely of an expert elite. We can respect the knowledge science produces while recognizing the many people from diverse social backgrounds who contribute to it: not just Ph.D.s but also farmers, members of environmental justice communities, people living with illnesses under research and many others.” –Sigrid Schmalzer

The March for Science NYC is one action within a cascading tide of dissent. Each action is an opportunity for people to publicly resist a socio-political system that privileges some perspectives and marginalizes other voices. It is one tactic among many to apply sustained and consistent pressure on this administration to respond to the people. Through the March for Science NYC, CUNY Women in STEM will persist in the fight for publicly-funded science, for evidence-based policies, for the public interest.

Resist Persist graphic for the March for Science

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  1. I march for my students, mentors, and all those who continue to help me learn.

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