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12 Important Resources for Women in STEM

  1. Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine:
    Since 1990, the National Research Council has hosted the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine (CWSEM), which organizes events dedicated to promoting exactly what the name states.
  2. STEMinist:
    Stay on top of news, views, trends, and research about women in STEM through profiles, articles, networking opportunities, and plenty more media.
  3. 4000 Years of Women in Science Biography Listing:  
    University of Alabama provides a plethora of capsule biographies of some important women in STEM history, so stop by and pay respects to the groundbreakers who made today’s opportunities possible.
  4. Association for Women in Science:  
    AWIS partners with other organizations and businesses in order to address issues of women working in the STEM fields and keep young girls interested in studying the related subjects.
  5. STEM Equity Pipeline:
    Women and minorities are incredibly underrepresented in the STEM fields, and this partnership between the National Advisory Board, Extension Services, and multiple local and national organizations and businesses hopes to change that unfortunate reality permanently.
  6. Association for Women in Mathematics:  
    This organization’s goals revolve around encouraging young girls to pursue mathematical studies if they enjoy them, as well as promoting the efforts of novice and established women with careers in the field.
  7. Digital Sisters/Sistas Inc.:  
    For women in the STEM industries interested in education, Digital Sisters/Sistas is a great nonprofit reaching out to “traditionally underserved” child and adult students.
  8. National Center for Women & Information Technology:  
    Whether an established career woman or an activist and educator looking to nurture a love ofIT in young girls, the NCWIT makes for a great organization to get involved with and promote workplace diversity.
  9. Women in Astronomy:  
    Head to the Women in Astronomy blog for updated news and commentary about issues pertaining to astronomy, astrophysics, physics, and the ladies who practice them.
  10. Society of Women Engineers:  
    When it comes to promoting STEM education amongst young girls and college students as well as celebrating the contributions of female engineers, SWE is one of the best resources both online and off.
  11. FemaleScienceProfessor:  
    Issues pertaining to women in academia and the sciences alike push to the forefront of this popular blog by the anonymous Female Science Professor.
  12. Agora:  
    Bookmark Agora for multimedia resources regarding the latest women in STEM stories, including the yearly winners of the L’Oreal-UNESCO Awards and information about fellowships.