CUNY Women in STEM Data Hub

hubCUNY Women in STEM is establishing a CUNY Data Repository that will allow Graduate Center students and affiliates to share data they’ve collected and release it in the public domain.   Over the summer we’ll be moving all data sets onto a Data Anywhere server, a project that aims to create a open data commons.  Unlike all government and existing open data initiatives, it is a bottom-up approach to an open and participatory data framework.

If you have any interest in sharing a data set that you feel will be of use to others, or helping to develop an maintain the site, please let us know.

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About Suzanne Tamang

Suzanne Tamang is doctoral candidate in computer science. Her research work involves the application of data-mining and statistical natural language processing techniques to medical datasets. Currently, she is a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Brooklyn College and an Adunct Lecturer at the School of Professional Studies.